ATOMIC HC DISC is the most advanced road bikes on the planet. Focused on smoothness and aerodynamic advantage, having the AVD (Anti Vibration Dumping) as mean feature for this project. Handcrafted in Italy with our patented LUNAR honeycomb Carbon/Kevlar material, the ATOMIC HC DISC brings together a perfect balance of lightweight responsiveness, stiff power transfer, and impeccable handling to deftly navigate any road at speed.

ZEROUNO engineers apply a full Honeycomb Carbon/Kevlar technology, for the first time in a bicycle. The same exclusive HC Carbon/Kevlar technology that we can find one the F1 cars. One of the most relevant advantage of this revolutionary material is the Vibration Cancelling System, infusing the ATOMIC HC DISC with exceptional vibration samping abilities to soften energy-zapping road noise. ZEROUNO owns the patent on LUNAR HC Carbon/Kevlar, wich incolces an honeycomb structure in DuPont Kevlar inserted between carbon layer for a claimed 80% reduction in road vibration feel. This makes the frame superbly stable ensuring fastest down hill and full control of the bike.


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