Crash Replacemet Program

We understand that accidents or crash happen and you may need to replace a non-warranty damaged frame or parts. Everyone that races a bicycle or rides long enough, is sure to experience the inevitable trip across the pavement. That’s why we have created the ZEROUNO Crash Replacement Program. In the event of an accident or severe crash, the high forces exerted on the frame can lead to structural failure during subsequent use. We know how much you love your ZEROUNO bike and with our Crash Replacement Program we offer the opportunity to replace your damaged ZEROUNO frame at a greatly reduced cost. Our Crash Replacement Program is valid for 5 years and is free is registered at the WELLRIDE CYCLING CLUB, or also valid by purchase. You will receive a comparable frame without components with a significant discount. 


In order to use the ZEROUNO Crash Replacement Program (ZCRP) please contact us by email at:
Upload photos and explain briefly and precisely how the damage was caused. Our service department will be in touch with you shortly with the full procedure. 

The program is valid for 5 years, in the case of using it you’ll receive a 50% off for a brand new frame. The following years a decreasing discount will be applied.
If requested, we will fit your new frame with new components and parts in house, extra charge will applied. Your bike will be returned to you as soon as your order has been cleared and processed.

We reserve the right to suspend this service if we detect that the damage has been caused willfully or it is of a merely optical nature. Our number one goal at ZEROUNO is to support our customers.