ELITE's a pure racing machine, athlete oriented in every single detail. The frame is build with nine different types of High Modular Carbon fibers through a triple Monocoque technology. The LUNAR HM Carbon fiber is laid out with different layers at different parts of the frame to meet different demands of stiffness and performance. Front triangle, specially in the area of the Bottom Bracket, the frame is very stiff and transmit all your power to the rear wheel.
The ELITE's the best PRO Athletes choice and his better strength come out climbing and accelerate fasted than any else in the peloton. 

The SPAZIALE Rock & Road fork has one of the smallest surface areas of any fork on the market; the frame tube profiling has been rigorously engineered to minimize drag in order to save precious watts.

As every ZEROUNO frames, ELITE's compatible with mechanical and electronic drivetrains, with a full internal cable routing. Every details of this frame, are designed to help riders to improve their performances, at international races or every weekend fighting against your friends.


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