August 31, 2019. Beata Wronska finish 4th at the MTB XCC UCI World Championship in Mont Saint Anne, Quebec, Canada.

Here is her statement:
Masters World Championships in Mont Saint Anne Canada officially completed - 4th place in my group gave me 6th place Overall from all master women. I didn't want to speak about it earlier but I had an extremely stacked class. Between three powerful Italian women that I battled are a lot of titles. One of them being my friend @lorenazocca who is an 8X Italian National Champion and 2 years back World Champion and 3x European Champion. The other two riders are current European champion and the other one the current Italian Champion in XC and Marathon. I didn't feel well yesterday but I rode very strong today. Whole 5 laps I was battling with my friend Lorena for the bronze throughout the race. We sprinted wheel to wheel to the first technical section. Then I was hanging close varying between 10 to 30 seconds back for most of the race. I was really happy with my performance but I ended up having two substantial crashes. One on the second lap when I flew over after clearing a rock garden to a ditch and when I got up I had another rider ride full speed into me knocking me down again to the ground and her and her bike landing on me. Somehow we both and bikes were fine. Second crash on 4th lap when guys got into the mix and I was taken out in the feed zone with a guy hitting my bar and flew hard into the gravel scraping my whole forearm and hip. I was 10 seconds back then from 3rd and was still racing hard bloody. It all cost me a minute that I was back from the 3rd on the finish. Course was wonderfu and technical and I am happy how I handled it. There was too many riders however on the course at the same time and also men's classes which affected our race. I was also starting in the 3rd row with younger two groups ahead, even though I was called up 2nd in my class and should be in the front row. I had a good amount of passing to do from the start. For sure an experience but I am proud of myself and even though I would have at least podium'd in any other class but mine the 6th in the world overall is not so bad. Thank you all for support and love!

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