Our Story, Our Promise

Exotic materials, applications and solutions

From our Headquarters in Irvine, California we constantly work on new frames and parts design, innovative materials, prototyping and 3D printed applications. A big part of the receipt of our success is the collaboration with the California Institute of Technology (branded as Caltech) since the early stage of the brand in 2013.
The Caltech is a private research university in Pasadena, California. The university is responsible for many modern scientific advancements and is among a small group of institutes of technology in the United States which is strongly devoted to the instruction of pure and applied sciences. Due to its history of technological innovation, Caltech is widely considered to be one of the world's most prestigious universities.
Our manufacturing process happen between out between Italy, USA and Taiwan, however the big part of our R&D have always been performed between California and Italy, partnering with the most prestigious player such as Arevo, Toro Rosso, Caltech, Arust, and CAE, between others.

Our Story, Our Promise

Exotic and proprietary Lunar lamination schemes.

Our Story, Our Promise

Exotic craftsmanship from Italy

After analyzed the measurements of the rider by using the ID Match technology and software, we create a Taylor made frame with extreme precision to the millimeter. Taylor made frames are the only from our catalog that are made with the tube-to-tube technique, which allows us to create 100% custom made frames.
Once the tubes are assembled, we weld the junction areas of the frame, using an exclusive technique that guarantees rigidity, performance and comfort.
The carbon tubes are joined together through a so-called "wrapping" process, i.e., the application of additional fiber sheets cut ad hoc and expertly arranged in the dedicated areas, to ensure that the frame acquires the desired structural and performance characteristics. Layer after layer, the wrappings become invisible and the frame takes on the desired technical and aesthetic conformation.

Our Story, Our Promise

Exclusive Triple-Monocoque technology Cast molds

The quality, precision and hardness of the mold directly impacts the quality of the frame, tool making is a critical aspect of a triple monocoque manufacturing process. Our molds are all produced out of hard anodized aluminum metal via CNC machining or handcrafting. CNC machining still follows a complex, time-consuming workflow—especially for intricate geometries—and outsourcing typically comes at a high cost, with a long lead time, but also, with a highly rewarded superior precision and durability.

The use of environmental friendly materials in the manufacturing processes is growing continuously and not just for the production of our frames, but also for rims and parts. Be able to create our special tools with 3D printed in-house, is a powerful and cost-effective means to shorten production time while expanding design flexibility.


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