Glad to introduce ENDURO Bearings as one of our technical partners. We will use exclusively Enduro bearings on our full suspension frames and SPAZIALE wheels and hubs, offering the Enduro Ceramic on the tp of the line.
For the ALPINA and MAG we will instal the high-performance ENDURO LLU MAX BO. The race grooves are deeper on these bearings for more lateral support for the twisting and multiple forces associated with mountain bike pivots. LLU seals give maximum protection against the elements, while keeping the 90% fill of Almagard Extra High Pressure Grease inside.

Enduro mark with BO, the bearings that get an additional Magnetite treatment for hardness, rust resistance and even more reliability.

We also make Angular Contact MAX type bearings, in both sealed and greaseable types. These bearings are spec'd on some of the best mountain bikes available, and you can also get them from us for replacement, or for building your own custom mountain bike.

We have put obsessive attention to the bearings, not just for the relatability but also for the precision machinery work and low maintenance. 


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