May 12, 2019. Former 2018 National Champion Beata Wronska fought on the mud of Palo Duro Park on an intense race.
Here´s her statement:

Defending my Champion's plate was more eventful that one could ask for. Holeshot was mine but I didn't get to where I wanted to really be until mile 10, when I was sure I was in the lead but one rider was one minute ahead already. We were hawlling and I was driven. I was on the chase, focused, however on mile 20, I was slammed hard to the ground on a muddy corner, flew to nasty cactuses and had to look for tools to fix my bike. This put me on the end of lap one in 4th place and 3 minutes back from the lead and only 30 seconds from 3rd. I was excited for the second lap but in an instant my chain started dropping, getting locked up, and was falling on climbs causing me to crash. I fell in a cactus again, my knees bled, I had to pull a massive spike out of my hand which bled too and derailure was bent. I was upset and so disappointed seeing everyone go by me. I kept trying and it kept repeating. I cruised to the Comanche Trail. I stood there trying to make a decision looking at white arrows on the ground pointing the opposite direction. 1 go to road and forfeit the race, 2 go to the most technical section of the race with the most punchy climbs with no gears and a not working bike. I started walking down to the road but I stopped and turned around, it was not me, it was too easy to just leave. I turned my bike upwards to what was going to be a long 3 hours doing whatever I need to do to get through the finish line. Climbing with 4 gears higher that I should or could, burning my legs out, running what I had to. It was tough not to race anymore since the whole field went by. I accepted it eventually and was in peace and appreciated the moment and beauty around. There was this one girl on the side crying and didn't want to continue, I stopped and told her my story and mishaps and she cheered up, wiped the tears and started going. I stopped probably 30 times. Yesterday 79 people didn't finish the race or didn't show up because of the conditions. It was a tough day...

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