September 16, 2019. Beata Wronska finish 2nd at the FOOL’S GOLD RACE.

Here is her statement:

Fool's Gold Race 2019 in the books - 2nd place finish. 5:40 hours, 7 thousands feet of climbing, 65 miles! One of those keeper events that I really enjoy. I loved chasing around super strong Jen who defended her title from a couple years back. Sad I didn't get to defend mine from last year but enjoyed the attempt. I literally collapsed after crossing the finish line. The day was for sure specially challenging with all the factors that come into place this day. New addition of extra milage, some new quite rugged trail, extra 1k of climbing, soft, dry and just freshly raked gravel roads with just loose moving rocks and little traction. On top of it it was very hot and humid. And we all know every day is a different day and we get each time completely different racing conditions. It made for very tough race, long, really long day in the saddle. I am happy however, since with conditions that were not favorable, I still managed so many PR's and that is a really good thing. I loved the technical aspects and difficulty of bull mountain going up and down and made up many spots there. My Pax was busy chasing me around and volunteering at the same time. We both had a very busy day. Thank you all for all the kind wishes and I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces. Good day on the bike!


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