May 19, 2019. Beata Wronska finish 2nd at the MTB XCM Balm Boyette Park in Florida.
Here is her statement:

30 miler in Balm Boyette today 2nd place finish. I know everyone expected from me 60 miler but that would be too much considering I was still feeling sick from Texas and coughing a storm. Even 30 miles in this heat was challenging and I realized quickly that I cannot push too much today even if I try. Was stoked however that we got to race here for the first time and even though it would be best to sit it out but those that know me are aware it's not my thing! 😏 I would rather get out and have fun even if not 100%... And what cool trails we had, roller coaster like terrain and even super awesome Ridgeline was in! Great turnout for the ladies and I am super happy about that! Also everyone was so supportive and kind! I cannot thank enough two gentlemen who waited for me to go first into the single track even after I made a wrong turn after passing them and had to quickly backtrack. You guys are awesome! I had a wonderful weekend with my Pax who got to enjoy the course too! Now I just hope I get my strength back very soon. It was great seeing everyone out there and congrats to ladies riding strong!


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