About Us

We are builders and innovators. We are a global community of cyclists. We are athletes, adventurers and advocates for cycling. We started from the idea of inspire passion for cycling and create the top-performance bikes on the planet. 
Dreaming, designing, engineering, and manufacturing frames and parts with the best R&D talents, unique high-technology materials, solutions and finishing is what we commit. We also partner with prestigious brands worldwide and work side by side with
the same and unique goal: Create the fastest bicycles on the planet!  FOLLOW NO ONE.

By fostering the culture of excellence, ZEROUNO creates customized products, services, and experiences for every cyclist. High-Performance handcrafted frames dreamed, designed, engineered and manufactured with obsession to details. Fully committed to High-Performance bicycles, taking cycling to the next level and helping athletes achieve their sports goals.


We are builders and innovators, but we are also part of the global cycling community. We are racers, singletrack explorers, neighbors, and friends. Obsessed to our commitment, we breath, dream, eat and think about bicycles 24/7, searching for the best way to achieve our spec goal, exactly like every athlete does with their daily training. Moved by the idea that the best way to inspire passion for cycling is to create the best products on the planet.


This means that you can tailor your bike to your needs. Budget, favorite colors, riding position and desired components. Our team will help you configure your custom-made bike. For those riders who have some kind of body limitations or looking for specific geometry, with some frame models, we can also realize custom geometry frames. The most customizable bikes are the Fanga, Elite Disc, Atomic and MAG. Feel free to contact our customer service and ask about our Su Misura program, we’ll be more than happy to assist you. info@zerounobikes.com


ZERO means 0 and UNO means 1 (in Italian). We have been inspired by the time and effort cyclists put into their day by day training to achieve the best performance. In this way, we consider ZERO as today, the starting point, and UNO as the future, those sports goals you want reach, the top step of the podium you’re dreaming about. That’s the reason why at ZEROUNO we don’t make compromises with materials and technology, every bike is made with one goal, help everyone go from ZERO to UNO. 

In mathematics and digital electronics, a binary number is a number expressed in the binary numeral system or base-2 numeral system which represents numeric values using two different symbols: typically 0 (zero) and 1 (one). When we design a bike, the factor we care most is the performance and we do it with exclusive materials, patented technologies and finishings. 


Don’t get me wrong, my dream bicycle would have been any top of the line of some commercial brand, maybe upgrading wheels and some bling like any other experienced cyclist would do. But here’s the thing, I live by the idea of Not being what other people expect or what is supposed to be. When you do things that other people don’t even imagine, you are original, different, innovative, even if other people like it or not. To me, uniqueness, think out of the box and explore different route, everything that stand alone with his own design and technology, is worth the try. Especially in today days society where everyone is so afraid to be different, horrified to do something new, people prefer to follow the mass, so they can be accepted. Worldwide, magazines and bike shops are packed with the same brands, same bikes, same colors, I know it takes some extra efforts to research something better, something unique and that can be an expression of who you are. Besides, follow the mass for what? Everyone has a unique way of everything. As long you accept yourself and you like who you are, fuck what other people think. Just express yourself and don’t be afraid to be unique.
This is my basic concept of FOLLOW NO ONE!

Ronny Zanazzi
CEO & Founder