Introducing the first Medium-Tail ever made! Pure racing machine full of innovate technologies, designed to go faster and faster!

Completely redesigned from the previous model, this AMB took all the good from our Hero and MAG frames combines, adding the SLT (Terrain Lectured System) for the Seat-Stay, Mac&Cheese (Mechanical Absorption Carbon System) for the Chain-Stay, DDS (Dynamic Dumping System) for the Top-Tube.

The 10mm controlled-flex of the rear triangle, together with a dedicated front end, deliver more traction, stability, and comfort. AMB MT is a game-changing cross country mountain bike that's fast, light, and smooth throught the rough trail. Hard-tails are efficient, Full-suspension bikes keep you in control, but only this AMB Medium-Tail pairs the best parts of both. This bike will make you go faster and take you to the next riding level so, say goodbye to all your current Strava PR and get ready to smash them!.


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