MAG's the ultimate XC racing machine! The perfect mix of exclusive materials and top-notch engineering, for a never before seen level of performance. MAG's suspension scheme has a specific and propietary kinematic system while still ensuring optimal suspension performance; This is particularly important for technical cross-country racing. We wanted to make this platform faster than ever before for climbs and more stable on descends. The New Lunar HM+ lamination and the new Mac&Cheese (Mechanical Absorption Carbon System) rear triangle shaves over 100 grams from its predecessor, and it boosts 25% more stiffness at the rear triangle. Every axle of the frame spin on high-quality Enduro LLU MAX bearings adding some extra weight but executing a super smooth suspension travel with no contamination from the weight of the rider and a lifetime high-performance of the frame. This bike will make you go faster and take you to the next riding level so, say goodbye to all your current Strava PR and get ready to smash them!


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